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For over a decade TIESSE work tirelessly within industrial hygiene and safety and meets the needs of all its customers, providing environmental monitoring, planning and expert advice. The experience of the company, which operates throughout the Italian territory, is made available to both private individuals and large companies: customers will receive expert assistance from qualified personnel, with great organizational skills and constant training, which provides knowledge detailed scope of work. The company works with a variety of professionals in the fields of competence of the company to provide its customers with excellent service, both from the point of view of quality is that of professionalism and punctuality. There are many services offered by TIESSE, among whom we must remember the noise impact assessments, risk assessments noise and vibration risk assessments. The assessment of the noise impact must be performed by qualified personnel: engineers TIESSE specialize in acoustics and they are all recorded in the regional. Much the same for the risk assessments noise and vibration risk assessment, which must be performed by trained service technicians who need to be repeated at least once every four years. To these are added the monitoring of hazardous substances, including asbestos dispersed and monitoring of radon gas. The experts will pick up samples that will be analyzed in specialized laboratories, and will draw up a report on the level of exposure to asbestos, where appropriate, the remediation plan. TIESSE The company also excels in the field of investigations lighting, essential to ensuring the well-being at work. And 'well-known fact that proper lighting helps prevent health problems and to increase the productivity and safety of workers. The dedicated staff of TIESSE is committed every day to meet the needs of the many customers who rely on the company, which seeks to meet their needs by offering affordable and competitive.

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