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MOBILINK-Network will provide its users with unlimited voice and data services while eliminating all monthly fees. Revenues generated from digital mobile Ads shown on the users phone will be used to cover the costs of their monthly service.
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(Clicks: 1; Aggiunto: Dec 25, 2017)  
Pingvalue Token launch will bring transparency, relevancy and rewards into the current digital advertising model, overrun by middlemen, trackers and fraud.
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(Clicks: 1; Aggiunto: Jan 26, 2018)  
A new generation of blockchain application development platforms, based on side chain technology. With side chain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other high-quality projects can become interconnected, allowing streamlined circulation of digital assets, whilst eliminating isolation amongst them.
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(Clicks: 2; Aggiunto: Jan 19, 2018)  
EscrowCoin strongly imposes itself as a current and future reference point, on transactions carried out with cryptocurrencies; which is in fact an absolute novelty. Currently, Users can start to use EscrowCoin in no time; wallets are available for all OS and source code available on Github.
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Via Major Crypto Media, the lates world wide news - on Tumblr
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(Clicks: 4; Aggiunto: Sep 15, 2017)  
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